Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend Fun Time - Stone Coyotes, Treefort, Big Bad Bollocks and Nuggets Night

There’s so much good stuff going on this weekend, I hardly know where to start – so lets just jump right in:

Tonight (March 12th)

The Stone Coyotes – 9 p.m. at Burrito Rojo, Turners Falls, MA – Go early and have some of JD’s nice & spicy food and stay late for a glimpse of the first family of rock. If you haven’t seen this trio, then you’re in for a treat – the experience is a fine wedding of gritty American poetry and power chords. Barbara Keith’s work has been inspirational for decades, and working alongside her family in the Stone Coyotes – well, let’s just say that they’re one of western Mass’ greatest exports. And this is the only scheduled area show before they head down to their home away from home in Texas, so don’t miss it!

Saturday (March 13th)

The Big Bad Bollocks – 7 p.m. at The Iron Horse, Northampton, MA – These guys are also masters of poetry – though John Allen’s breed of rhyme is more akin to a drunken limerick. The trick here is not to try to match the band drink-for-drink – unless you WANT to pass out before the second set. On top of being their annual St. Paddy’s day show, it’s also The Bollocks' 20th anniversary – so expect some extra rowdy antics, kids…

Treefort – 10 p.m. at The Brass Cat, Easthampton, MA – You say you want shenanigans? I’m sure there will be plenty when our friends Treefort hit the stage. I’ve previously labeled them as self-deprecating rock with alt-country twang and some of the finest humor you could hope for. I stand by that statement and would add that they also put on one of the most fun live shows around. And maybe they’ve got news about the long-awaited release of their second album, Talking To The Dogs. Treefort only play a couple of shows a year now, so don’t miss this! (The Burns Brothers open the show at 10 p.m.)

Nuggets Night – 9 p.m. at The Rendezvous, Turners Falls, MA – What the frak is Nuggets night, you ask? Well, Nuggets refers to a brand of garage rock psychedelia that surfaced in the late ‘60s and has inspired generations of bands to continue the tradition. Some of the originals you may recognize would be along the likes of The Amboy Dukes or Strawberry Alarm Clock, and on Saturday we’ll witness some local legends pay tribute. Ray Mason, The Claudia Malibu and a slew of others will cover our favorite songs from yesteryear – and you can be sure we’ll see some fine vintage outfits for the shindig, too. Can you dig it?

The only problem now is finding a way to clone yourself for Saturday night to be able to make all of those shows. But hey, that's your problem now...


the voo said...

thanks, juano!

el Juano said...

No problem, Voo - love all the local flavor this weekend!

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